Igor Hostnik, the headmaster of the primary school Gabrovka – Dole


Interview with the headmaster:

  1. 1. Why did you decide to be teacher?

In the environment where you live, you come across some professions. When I was a child, I lived near a block of flats where some teachers lived. When I was choosing an occupation, I first attended a high school. Then I found out how I could influence and help children. That’s why I decided to become a teacher. I adored nature, so I became a physics teacher.


  1. 2. How many years have you been teaching?

28 years, I think.


  1. 3. What do you remember most from all these years of teaching?

The most I remember some pupils who were nice to work with. Now, I’m looking at this from a positive perspective. I remember those pupils who exceed my expectations. They achieved many gold prizes and won first places at different kinds of competitions.


  1. 4. Why did you decide to become a headmaster?

Because I felt that I could offer children something more. We would try to do things in a nicer and more interesting way and with my experience I could do more. I remember a saying: “Times are changing.” I would like the lessons to be interesting and informative and that pupils would love to come to school and that they would want more from us.


  1. 5. What are your duties?

There’s a very long list of my duties. The most important is to control the classes and activities. There are also some legal duties, but I don’t want to talk about these. My teachers give me information with which we operate and try to enable a nice future for the children.


  1. 6. What is your favorite activity as a headmaster?

Considering all the duties that I have I would like to have more contact with pupils. But at least I like the idea that I can influence this part. I can assure good, quality and normal work. Maybe you can’t see it.


  1. 7. What do you prefer – the job of a headmaster or teacher?

I must say that I really enjoy being a headmaster. I must also confess that I enjoy and relax when I work in class with my pupils.


  1. 8. Is the job of a headmaster very hard?

I don’t know if I can say that. I only run out of time for all the things.

  1. 9. How do you relax after hard work?

With gardening, tinkering and winegrowing, but I also love to make furniture.


  1. 10. What is your mission and what would you like to change or improve?

Some things are hard to accomplish, the school timetable is a hard thing, but I’d like to organize it. Organization, better cross curricular links. Although pupils don’t realize that, school subjects are very much alike. My strong wish is that the majority of pupils realized that everything is the same. I wish pupils to express their professional goals. I would be very happy, if you found the classes less stressful and if you weren’t sad when you’re writing a test. You should be happy and proud when you can show what you have learned.


V projektu so sodelovali:

Gabrovka: Marija Medved, Lara Šinkovec, Zala Lambergar, Sandra Jerič, Klara Dim, Ingrid Železnik

Dole: Nika Lavrič, Mihaela Željko, Sabina Komič

Mentorica: Aleksandra Kokalj

Lektorica za angleški prevod: Alenka Paternoster
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